The Season Begins…..But First There Must Be Preparation

Players enjoy a great tailgate lunch prepared by Parents

Yesterday was the beginning of the fall season as all assembled for the preseason ritual of medical exams, pictures, room organization and best of all a tailgate arranged by the parents. The emotions were varied, hopefulness, happiness ( at seeing old friends), trepidation from the new players and parents, confusion at new procedures, and sadness for separation from new parents and as their daughter advances on to new adventures.

In the end it was all positive and I am thrilled as ever this day has come. This is competing for a championship. They have the assets of experience, skill and strong leadership to get them to that goal. The future, as always, is filled with obstacles to overcome, but all of us believe this could be the year! I wear the championship ring from 2012, instead of my class ring, this could be the year I get to replace it!!

The first test of course will be a scrimmage with the fiesty Monmouth team on the 14th of August  at 2 pm at Monmouth (according to the Monmouth web site), to be quickly followed by a scrimmage with Drexel August 18 at 6pm ( according to the Drexel website). The Leopards will be playing the Drexel Dragons later on in the season. For those of you that may not have been to the Drexel Field  the Drexel fans are numerous and enthusiastic, so a great turnout for both games is encouraged.


We are all together

Some notes about the team. There are two players who have twin siblings. One player has dual citizenship with the United States and Germany. One player lives in Ireland but is a US citizen, seven players participated in national championship competition this summer, several players had internships or research at the college this summer, and one was a tour guide for the admissions office.

I was delighted to see Sophie Carr walking without her knee brace as she continues her recovery from knee surgery. Everyone else looked fit and healthy, and ready to begin the arduous and what will seem endless preparation leading to that first scrimmages.

But that is how championships are built!!



Hannah Millen number12 receives the first proposal ever at Rappolt Field. She was a star defender for us several years ago. She  receives a proposal ( yes knee and all ). After a “are you sure??” Agreement all around. Congratulations Hannah!!

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